February 21, 2009

Wedding Invitations - Tips to Remember

Wedding invitations are probably one of the most important items on your wedding checklist so you want to be properly organized. With so many things to remember when planning, preparing and mailing your wedding invitations, here is a short list of tips to help keep you on track.
  1. Prepare your master guest list once you have gathered everyone's list of guests. This will provide you with the correct number of wedding invitations you need. Be sure to include bridal party attendants, parents, the officiant, etc. Remember, your invitation count will not exactly match the number of guests on your list since you will only mail one invitation to married couples.
  2. Avoid paying for faster shipping methods and last-minute rushing by shopping and ordering early.
  3. When placing your order, be prepared with all the dates, times, names (correct spellings) and location addresses that will be printed on your invitations.
  4. Order a few extras to prevent running out and having to order only a few more later. If offered, purchase a few more envelopes, too, to allow for addressing errors.
  5. Have printed or handwrite a return address on the outside of your mailing envelopes (traditionally on the back flap) so any undeliverable invitations will be returned by the Post Office.
  6. Enclose a response card if you need an accurate guest count for food and seating arrangements. Remember to place a postage stamp on your response card envelopes as a courtesy to your guests. If you happen to be using a respond postcard, there will be no envelope so the stamp will go directly on the postcard (postcard postage is cheaper). Be sure to keep a copy of your guest list so you can check off guest names as their replies arrive.
  7. Insert a direction or map card as a convenience for any guests who may not be familiar with the area of your wedding location.
  8. Save on shipping costs by ordering your thank you or informal note cards along with your stationery instead of at a later date.
  9. Carefully proof all information that will be printed on your wedding invitations AND have another person also proof before your order is finalized.
  10. Address your mailing envelopes before inserting your invitations so you have a smooth flat area to write on.
  11. Have one of your ready-to-mail wedding invitations weighed at the Post Office to make sure you affix the correct amount of postage.
  12. Send them at least 4-6 weeks before your wedding - even sooner if you are having a destination wedding that requires guests to travel or if your wedding date is near a holiday.
  13. Mail all of your wedding invitations at a Post Office rather than at a drop box.

These tips highlight just some of your invitation planning. To be truly organized, you may want to follow the guidelines of an actual wedding invitation checklist. This can be used as a guide when you select, order, prepare and mail your wedding invitations.

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